Grupo Diagnóstico Aries, integrate recognized brands positioned in the national market, such as Swisslab Laboratorios de Análisis Clínicos, Laboratorios Clínicos Azteca, Olab Diagnósticos Médicos, Jenner Laboratorio Clínico, Dr. Moreira Laboratories, Liacsa Laboratorios, Biomedica Análisis Clínicos e Imagenología, Exakta Laboratorios, and Grupo Lister, which develop a great team of specialists dedicated to offering quality services with warmth to Mexican families. Our more than 250 branches, more than 250 doctors, and nearly 2,800 employees make us a leading company that seeks social welfare and industry growth.

It´s the pionner laboratory of the Group with 9 years of experience providing support services for medical diagnosis in Monterrey and its Metropolitan Area.

More than 35 years serving Mexican families at more than 27 locations in Mexico City and the Metropolitan Area.

Boasts 62 years of providing high quality tertiary care services at 23 locations and 13 mobile units located in Mexico City and the Metropolitan Area.

Over 31 years of providing a wide variety of clinical laboratory procedures and analysis at more than 25 locations in Mexico City and the Metropolitan Area.

With over 61 years of experience in clinical analysis services and clinical laboratory procedures, is the market leader in the north of Mexico, with more than 41 branches distributed across Nuevo Leon and Coahuila.

LIACSA is the first and most important Clinical Laboratory in the State of Chihuahua. With over 78 years of experience in the market through its 7 main locations, offering clinical analysis services and clinical laboratory procedures.

Biomedica, founded in 1992, which main goal is to offer clinical laboratory and imagenology services with excellent vanguard. Has a wide coverage in Mexico City and metropolitan area. Our value proposal is to contribute to the prevention and care of your health, giving you a unique experience committed to excellence.

Exakta Laboratories, with four decades of experience in clinical analysis and imagenology studies, that has qualified and committed personnel, applying cutting-edge technology, with coverage in the metropolitan area of the city of Puebla, with eighteen branches.

Grupo Lister has half a century of experience in laboratory medicine, tirelessly seeking to improve themselves and always striving to deliver the best professional service with its more than 56 branches in the states of Tamaulipas, Veracruz and San Luis Potosí.

Pioneer brand in promoting compliance with occupational health through guidance by professionals in Occupational Medicine and high-impact technological applications that allow companies to make decisions on time. It is characterized by adapting the occupational health management system according to the needs of companies and industries, with a special focus on the primary prevention of risk factors in the work environment.

Specialists in Clinical Analysis, Occupational Medicine, Microbiology Medical, Sanitary, and Molecular Biology, among others. Has been the Referral Services Laboratory for more than 600 Clinical Laboratories in different states. It is distinguished by always seeking the well-being of its patients through its 2 care sites and 7 implants in hospitals.

Diagnostic Center with more than 1,600 clinical laboratory tests, from routine basic studies to the most specialized ones, as well as imaging. 25 branches located in the states of Puebla, Veracruz, Chiapas, and Oaxaca, with more than 25 years of experience distinguishing by always being committed to diagnostic quality.